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Faversham Classics Triumph Stag User Guide

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By Danimere Bean

To open the bonnet pull the release which is located in the passenger footwell below the dashboard but above the parcel shelf.

Triumph Stag bonnet pull


One of the most important pre-driving checks is the checking of the engine water level. To do this with an engine that is cold (i.e. not been run since the previous evening) remove the expansion bottle cap by pushing down and twisting anti-clockwise. The level should be half way up the bottle. If it is too low, top up as necessary and replace the bottle cap.

Triumph Stag water level


Triumph Stag radiator

Next check the radiator level by removing the top bung and fill to the top as required.


       To check the Stags       engine oil level.

Remove the dipstick which is located on the driver’s side of the engine, in the opening between the cylinder head and exhaust manifold.


Triumph Stag engine oil level and dipstick